Ordering Stationery

UMBC’s stationery contract is currently held by Strategic Factory (formerly known as Miller’s Minuteman Press). They have created a simple online portal for all of the university’s stationery needs. To get access to the portal complete the registration form and submit via email: or fax: 410-527-1910 (If you have questions about the form, please contact Strategic Factory: 410-527-1388)

Once the form is submitted, Strategic Factory will set up the client with a username and password. Once registered you can access the portal by going to and clicking on the “Login” button to enter your credentials. More detailed instructions for portal access can be found here. Questions or inquiries? Call 410-527-1388 or email

Paper stock

The paper stock for the entire university stationery system—letterhead, envelopes, etc.—is Strathmore Script, bright white, sub. 24, smooth. For business cards and self-adhesive labels, appropriate stock to match the Strathmore bright white should be selected. No other shade, color, or style of paper should be used for any university stationery.


umbc letterhead thumbnailThe letterhead design reflects the innovative feel of the UMBC logo: the mark is set in the upper right corner, with the departmental information formatted in the following manner:

College/Department/Office Name (Bold and All Caps)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Room Number Building Name
1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250 (please note: Street/City/State/Zip are now on one line)

(line break)

Email  //  Phone Number



Margin and type settings for letterhead

The UMBC letterhead has been designed to allow a flexible setting of body type. There are a few simple guidelines that should be followed to complement the design of the letterhead.

For best results, the letter text should be set flush-left, ragged-right, in 10 or 11-point Avenir Next or Times New Roman.

Left and right margins should be set at 0.75”. The dateline should align horizontally with the last line of the department information on the right, or 1.9375” from the top.

The bottom margin can vary according to the length of the letter, leaving at least a 0.5” margin. The date, address block, and signature block should all be set flush-left and not centered.

Questions about purchasing stationery items should be directed to the Brand and Creative Strategy department at 410-455-2957.

Business Cards and Envelopes

business card example

For business cards, the following information is required:

Name (Bold and Initial Caps)

(line break)

College/Department/Office Name (Bold and All Caps)
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Room Number Building Name (if applicable)
1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250

(line break)

email  //  phone number

optional phone numbers (cell and/or fax). TTY is no longer required.


Please note: These are currently one-sided cards (although an option to include social media information is being considered for the card backs). URLs should be official UMBC web addresses. The cards are not set up to print in multiple languages. In addition to the letterhead and business cards, various sized envelopes are also included in the standard stationery system. Please check with Strategic Factory for the available options.