Photo/Video/Audio Release Form

When taking photographs, recording audio, or shooting video for stories, promotional materials, or other purposes, it is important to consider whether the subject of the photograph or recording needs to complete a consent form prior to publication.

Releases are not typically required for:

  • Public events, particularly those in public spaces, such as Involvement Fest, Homecoming, or athletics games
  • Crowd shots or other photos where subjects are not easily identifiable
  • Group photos of faculty and staff
  • Invited campus speakers

Releases are typically required for:

  • Photographs taken in space that is presumed to be private, such as residence halls
  • Photographs taken during a private event
  • Photo shoots scheduled for promotional purposes
  • Individual photos of faculty, staff, and students
  • Minor subjects (under age 18, including university students)
  • Students who are identifiable and who are in a location for a purpose other than to be photographed (e.g., practicing for a dance performance)

A release is required when a person’s likeness will be used in a paid advertising campaign.

Release Form

Please use this UMBC Photographic, Video, and Audio Consent and Release Form as needed. If you are uncertain if a form is necessary in a particular situation, it is best to err on the side of caution and complete the form.

We are currently working to streamline an electronic signing process and the digital storage of signed forms, campus-wide. That information will be posted here when available. In the meantime, we recommend using the printable form above or this Docusign version of the form. NOTE: When using the Docusign form, the final copy will be automatically added to a box folder managed by OIA. To retrieve a copy of your completed forms, you must email Marlayna Demond at with the date, name, or event/photoshoot title and then the digital file of the form will be emailed to you.

You should store any of your department’s signed forms in Box, either in a folder designated solely for this purpose or ideally in the same folder as the image, audio, or video files connected with the releases. For printed and scanned forms, we recommend using the consistent file naming convention “Year-Month-Date-Firstname-lastname-photoshoot” so you can retrieve signed forms if necessary in the future (example: “2021-02-01-Sarah-Smith-orientation“).

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