Electronic Letterhead

Microsoft Word

In addition to printed stationery, UMBC letterhead is available in electronic format. To download and open the UMBC electronic letterhead you will need Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Once you open the template, you will be able to change the department name and contact information by choosing Header and Footer from the View menu and save the file to your computer. The template margins are preset; please refer to the stationery: standard forms page for additional formatting and font information.

To download the color version of UMBC’s electronic letterhead in Word format, click here.

Google Docs

The UMBC Community can also access a UMBC letterhead/Google Docs template.

Go to Google Docs and select “template gallery” from the upper right-hand side. Once there you’ll see an option for UMBC letterhead under the “Letters” subhead. An alternative way to access the same template is to go to “File > New > From template…”

image of electronic letterhead
A thumbnail of the electronic letterhead