UMBC’s COVID-19 Social Media Posting Guidelines

As we continue to share stories online via social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, we must be mindful that we’re showing accurate depictions of our university community that are consistent with UMBC’s health and safety guidelines. Please follow these guidelines in posting photos and videos on accounts affiliated with UMBC.

  • Masks must be worn properly (covering mouth and nose) in all posts when the people featured are not at least six feet apart. Even when people are physically distanced, demonstrating mask-wearing is very strongly advised.
  • Masks that are not considered to be effective, such as sheer fabrics or neck gaiters, should not be shown in posts.
  • When filming a video, the speaker should start with their mask in place. They can then lower their mask once they begin speaking. They should return their mask to the proper position when finished speaking.
  • Avoid group photos and videos when possible. If it’s necessary, groups should not exceed 10 individuals, with fewer strongly preferred, and required physical distancing must be maintained.
  • In the case of a team or pod (such as roommates) where people might be shown close to each other and without masks, explicitly state in a caption that they are a sanctioned grouping.
  • For images of laboratory research, use masks and gloves in addition to all other appropriate lab safety gear.
  • Whenever possible, use captions or additional text to give context about your image or video and the safety precautions being exercised.
  • If posting an image or video taken before the COVID-19 pandemic began, where people pictured are not physically distanced or wearing masks, note the date of the image or video in the caption or post. This can be as simple as noting “photo from March 2019” or “📷 2019″ (using the camera emoji). You may skip this step if the image or video is immediately linked to a story where it is clearly captioned or described.

Please also ensure that your photographer or videographer is following safe practices. These include sanitizing equipment, mask wearing, and working outdoors and more than six feet from a subject, particularly if a speaker is not wearing a mask for the entirety of a video shoot.

We will continue to update these recommendations as needed. Questions? Contact