As we communicate within the UMBC community and beyond about UMBC’s 50th Anniversary, please use the following information to guide you in adding the 50th branding to your websites, posters, social media, and elsewhere. Celebration of the 50th will end at the end of the spring 2017 semester. For questions, please feel free to contact Jenny O’Grady, editor of UMBC Magazine, at, or Jim Lord, design director, at

The Grit & Greatness Brand

The wordmarks you see below will be used as noted for internal and external communications related to UMBC’s 50th anniversary. The brand statement is as follows:

A great university is forged with grit and a shared vision of excellence. Together, our faculty, staff, students, and alumni have made UMBC a national leader in diversity, excellence, and innovation—in only 50 years. We take special pride in our graduates, whose vital contributions to society and the economy extend UMBC’s impact throughout Maryland and beyond.

As we talk about “grit & greatness” in our messaging, where possible we should make special note of the fact that UMBC’s success is built upon collective “moments of greatness” as well as individual successes.

UMBC50 logo variations

Download all logo variations here.

Primary Logo

UMBC50 Grit and Greatness

This variation is the preferred option for all 50th communications, apparel, promo items, and stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.).

Anniversary Logo

UMBC50 Anniversary logo

In some cases, members of the campus community may prefer to highlight the anniversary years. When that occurs, this variation should be used.

Logo Without Tagline

UMBC50 no tagline

Sometimes the art area will be too small to render the primary logo. In those cases, this variation of the logo should be used.

Social Media Logo

UMBC50 social media

Sizing the logo

Primary Logo


Anniversary Logo


Logo without Tagline


Social Media Logo


Examples of incorrect uses of the UMBC50 logo include:

Rendering the wordmark using variant typefaces


Repositioning elements of the wordmark


Adding graphics to the logo


Electronically condensing or stretching the wordmark