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Retriever Logo | Campaign Logo

There are several variations of the UMBC wordmark to accommodate the range of contexts in which it is applied. Designers and desktop publishers can download high-resolution JPGs (raster based) and Adobe Illustrator EPS (vector based) copies of the wordmark for use in printed and digital materials. Clicking the EPS link should initiate the download process. To download JPGs, click the link. The image should load in a new window/tab and then you can right-click(PC) or option-click (Mac) anywhere on the image to choose ‘Save Image As’, ‘Save Picture As’ or ‘Download Image to Disk.’ Finally, choose a location to save the image; then click ‘Save.’

The University Seal

Diplomas and certificates are the only approved use for the university seal. It is not available for general campus use.

UMBC logo

When to use the logo

The basic rule for whether the logo needs to appear on a publication is whether it is intended for audiences beyond campus. A flyer posted by a student group on campus does not need a logo. A brochure sent to prospective students, or an advertisement placed in a newspaper does. Generally, the logo should be placed on the cover and/or back of a printed piece. It should be prominently placed and unobscured so that it can be quickly seen at a glance.

Offset Logo (primary mark)


Download offset logo in color: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)


Download offset logo in black & white: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Horizontal Logo (alternative to primary mark)

horizontal color logo

Download horizontal logo in color: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

horizontal logo black and white

Download horizontal logo in B&W: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Vertical Logo (alternative to primary mark)

Download color: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Download B&W: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Logo without tagline
(optional mark for email signatures, online, and broadcast use)

Please note: This logo can be colorized (in a single color) to fit your design requirements.

Download logo (without tagline) in color: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Download logo (without tagline) in black & white: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Retriever Logo

Please refer to this page for proper use of the retriever logo.

Download color: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Retriever logo black and white
Download B&W: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

Grit & Greatness – The Campaign for UMBC

This variation is the preferred option for all Campaign communications, apparel, promo items, and stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.). To request an alternative version of the Campaign logo, please contact Creative Services.

Grit and Greatness Campaign logo

Download color: EPS (vector) | JPG (raster)

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