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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order UMBC stationery?
To order standard UMBC letterhead, envelopes and business cards, contact Miller’s MinuteMan Press. Call Richard Keiser at 410-527-1388 or email

When should I use the UMBC wordmark?
The basic rule for whether the wordmark needs to appear on a publication is whether it is intended for audiences beyond the immediate campus boundaries. A flyer posted by a student group on a bulletin board does not need to include the wordmark. A brochure sent to prospective students or an advertisement placed in a newspaper does.

What are the UMBC colors?
UMBC red is PMS 032 and UMBC yellow is PMS 123 (coated stock) and 109 (uncoated stock). Click here for more information.

When can I use the university seal?
The official UMBC seal, which consists of the Maryland state flag rendered as a shield, topped by the initials “UMBC” and encircled by “University of Maryland, Baltimore County,” is used for ceremonial occasions only. It can be reproduced on UMBC diplomas and for occasions such as Commencement. The university wordmark should be the primary identifier. Designers should not use the seal in the place of, or in conjunction with, the university wordmark.

How should I communicate the campus name?
The four-letter acronym, UMBC, is how we want to be known. The university’s full name—University of Maryland, Baltimore County—should be used when there is a need to be explicit about the name of the institution, e.g., when writing for an audience outside of the region. Even in these instances, the acronym should be used after the first reference. If UMBC is used throughout text, spell out when included in contact information.

Do not use “University of Maryland;” “University of Maryland Baltimore Campus;” or “University of Maryland at Baltimore County.”

Use a colon to separate the acronym and honors university tag line when referred to in print UMBC: An Honors University in Maryland